“WOW! Weather!”: The First Two Months… Thank You!!!

“WOW! Weather!”: The First Two Months… Thank You!!!

Dream Becomes Reality

March 27, 2018, will always be a special day in my heart.

That’s the day my dream became a reality.

More than 15 years ago, the dream of writing children’s weather books first popped into my head.  But I was relatively new to full-time broadcast meteorology, and at the time it was rather low on my priority list.  Then the privilege of being a dad happened, and I devoted nearly every minute of my free time to being as engaged of a parent as possible.

Once I turned 40, a realization hit me.  If I didn’t start acting on this dream soon, the opportunity to pursue it would pass me by.  So I started writing.  And erasing.  And writing some more.  It took a while, but the rough sketch of my first weather book started to take shape.

Much More Than Just Writing A Book

Little did I know that writing my first book would be one of the easier parts of the equation.  Once written, I now had to work even harder to get it published.  This process — which involved hearing the words “no” and “no, thank you” a lot — took more than a year.  But when you have a dream you believe in, you don’t let a few naysayers stop you in your tracks.  You persevere.

Finally, I received a “yes”.  Many more steps (and months) followed, but all of the hard work paid off on 3/27/18 when “WOW! Weather!” officially got published.  It was such a magical feeling to hold my book — my dream — in my hand once the first copy arrived at my home.

A Whirlwind Of Joy

Since that day, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting more than a dozen classrooms across the San Francisco Bay Area.  I’ve always enjoyed school visits, but now that I have the pleasure of reading “WOW! Weather!” to elementary schoolkids, it makes these visits that much more awesome!  The response from kids, parents, and Amazon reviews has been amazing, as both enthusiasm — and sales — for “WOW! Weather!” has far exceeded my expectations.

Here are some highlights:

*”WOW! Weather!” is now being used for STEM Education at Cordelia Hills Elementary in Fairfield, CA.

*”WOW! Weather!” is now being used in the Kindergarten Class at Holy Child Academy in Drexel Hill, PA.

*”WOW! Weather!” is part of the library program at Otis Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

*A Spanish version of the book, called ¡WOW! El Tiempo, was published on May 4, 2018.

*School districts in El Paso, TX, are planning on using both versions for STEM Education this fall.

A Glimpse Of What’s Next

Dreams often change in size.

That’s what has happened with my dream.  Buoyed by the success of “WOW! Weather!”, my plan is to write several more weather books for children.  The next one, exclusively about hurricanes, has already gone to illustration and will likely be released in July.  More will follow, with a Spanish version for each.  My hope is for children across the country to develop a deeper love for weather and for STEM education by reading my books.

Thanks for helping make my dream a reality!

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