WOW! Weather! Hurricanes

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The next book in the “WOW! Weather!” series was published on August 30!  It’s called “WOW! Weather! Hurricanes”, and the reviews coming in are wonderful.  Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) Meredith Garofalo says “WOW! Weather! Hurricanes is a must for kids in every household that could be threatened by a hurricane“.  Second-grade teacher Katherine Bennett says “Paul Deanno’s fun facts and poetry… make learning about hurricanes easy to understand and generate a lifelong interest in weather & science”.

“WOW! Weather! Hurricanes” will empower your child by teaching them all about the biggest storms on Earth. But here’s the key: They’ll learn at a level they can easily understand. The latest book in the “WOW! Weather!” series is packed with amazing weather facts that will make kids and parents say “WOW!”.

Hurricanes can be scary, especially if your child does a search of these storms on Google or YouTube. “WOW! Weather! Hurricanes” will be a powerful tool for families that live in storm-prone areas, as this book will explain to your child how a hurricane forms, what gives it energy, and what a hurricane forecast looks like. All of this is done in a fun, interactive, and “non-scary” way. Further, if a child reads about… and understands… a topic, they’re much less likely to be scared about it. That’s exactly what “WOW! Weather! Hurricanes” will do.

“WOW! Weather! Hurricanes” is now available in paperback… or on the Kindle eReader… on Amazon.


WOW! Weather!

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Do your kids marvel at the clouds in the sky?  Do they get excited when it snows, when there’s a thunderstorm outside, or when they see video of a tornado?  If your child has a love for all things weather, then watch that fascination grow when they read my new book, “WOW! Weather!”.

“WOW! Weather!” is a story about how big, how amazing, and how wonderful our weather really is… but told from the child’s perspective.  Read this book to your toddler or preschooler, and then enjoy listening to them reading it to you as they learn more about lightning, hail, clouds, hurricanes, snow, and more!

“WOW! Weather!” will be a book your kids will want to read over and over again.  The weather around us is BIG.  Their love for the weather will be big, too!

“WOW! Weather!” is now available on Amazon.


— Paul